H+S Aviation LTD

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15 сент.. - 17 сент.., Москва, Крокус Экспо

Helicopter Engine Maintenace, Repair and Overhaul.
H+S Aviation and Dallas Airmotive are acknowledged as world leading independent repair and overhaul organisations handling small to medium sized gas turbine engines, APUs and engine accessories
Europe’s only combined Rolls Royce AMROC and Honeywell AWARS for the M250 & RR300 engine. H+S offer a comprehensive range of support services including engine/module and accessory overhaul/repair, exchanges, outright sales, field service and technical support
Dallas Airmotive, a Pratt and Whitney Designated Overhaul Facility for the PW200 series engine, including the PW207K installed in the Ansat helicopter, have full overhaul, repair and field service support for the range of engines, along with comprehensive fuel nozzle service and capped pricing

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