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04 апр.. - 05 апр.., Москва, Центр Международной Торговли

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  • 04 апреля: 11:00 - 18:00
  • 05 апреля: 11:00 - 18:00
World Trade Center - one of the largest and most perspective exhibition grounds in Moscow.

Wide advertising campaign .

Advertising Company - a pledge the popularity and effectiveness of the exhibition - organized by professional advertising agencies.

Support professional communities .

The opening ceremony is always enhanced by the representatives of Russian and foreign professional communities.

Highly involved.

Qualitative target audience - the main criterion for the success of any exhibition. The exhibition «Property Worldwide " - every visitor is your potential customer.

Best exhibit space Moscow.

World Trade Center was designed and executed in accordance with the highest international standards.
Global Promotion Group - advertising company that specializes in the promotion of real estate abroad in the Russian market .

GPG company new generation of one of the leaders of the Moscow company specializing in advertising International Real Estate Holding offers its clients a personalized and comprehensive services associated with all the nuances associated with access to the Russian market. Thanks to a large customer base, new and effective marketing strategies , GPG takes leading position.

With the end of the crisis , and the resumption of growth in oil prices, the economy is expected to rise in Russia. Together with the fallen real estate prices in Europe, it encourages Russians , especially Muscovites , buy property abroad. Global Promotion Group are ready to offer their clients the best real estate abroad.