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13 марта. - 15 марта., Москва, Экспоцентр

There are magnificent monuments in the citadel of Alanya, which is the nominee for Unesco Cultural Heritage of the world. Along with the monuments such as the walls, Kızılkule, the dockyard and the gun house, old houses of Alanya inhabited after having been restored are also protected and they are worth visiting. In some of the houses weaving is continued with old looms and meal is served in their gardens. If you look carefully at the citadel, a heritage from the medieval times, while visiting, you will notice some stone carvings dating back to the antiquity. Visiting the citadel of Alanya in details may take you a whole day. There are many caravanserais and fortresses to protect them, nearby since Alanya was a city on the route of the historical Silk Road.